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Directors: Adriana Berroteran & Lauren Pringle  | Main Performers: Sophie Fustec, Roxane Fustec  |  DOP:  Adriana Berroteran  

3 & Hoy are the opening and closing tracks of the album LA LOBA. They are linked in a single music video, a short film illustrating the path traveled from despair to elevation.
The music video closes the triptych of the imagery of this album dedicated to her late brother, Pablo. After fire in LA LOBA, water in AGUA, we encounter earth and air in 3 & HOY.
We recognize references to tarot cards such as the pope, the empress, the wheel of fortune, the pyramid, the strength, as well as her brother’s ashes - a cornerstone in the healing ritual.
Her sister, Roxane, walks her through part of the way, then La Chica finishes alone but helped, carried by the sorority, up to the ultimate spiritual connexion.