“The Binary Paradox”

Story Concept for a Film

In the year 4382, Earth is divided into two parallel dimensions, each enforcing a strict gender binary system. In one of these dimensions, we meet Aiden (they/them), a non-binary androgynous superhuman who embodies both the dualities of woman and man. Aiden faces constant challenges and discrimination due to their unique existence, with both dimensions struggling to accept someone who defies the established gender norms. Despite the adversity, our hero stands strong, using their unique abilities to help those marginalized by the oppressive gender-based societies. In this narrative, the parallel universe/world has strict gender binaries, and Aiden's existence challenges the status quo. As they struggle to gain acceptance and fight against oppressive forces, they discover an ancient artifact that has the power to merge the two worlds into one, eliminating the concept of gender duality altogether. 

As the pressure intensifies, the protagonist seeks guidance from wise mentors, learning the artifact's true origins. They discover that it was created by three ancient genderless beings who had been observing both worlds. The artifact was meant to test humanity's readiness to move beyond the limitations of gender and embrace true equality.

Now faced with a momentous decision, the protagonist must choose between two paths. They can use the artifact, sacrificing their existence as an individual to merge the worlds and bring about a new era of equality. Alternatively, they can opt to maintain their individuality, accepting the burden of perpetuating the gender divide and continuing to fight for acceptance and change from within the oppressive systems.

Story by Adriana Berroterán & Maury Marcano 
Screenplay by Adriana Berroterán
Visual concept by Adriana Berroterán
Tools used: ChatGPT & Midjourney

Aiden (Protagonist)

In Irish, "Aiden" or "Aodhán" (the Irish spelling) means "little fire" or "fiery one," derived from the word "Aodh," which means "fire" or "fiery." It is also considered a variant of the name "Aidan," which has roots in Gaelic and means "little fire" or "little fiery one." Aiden is an androgynous and ethereal being, emanating an aura of both strength and vulnerability. Their physical appearance is a striking blend of feminine and masculine features, with a captivating presence that draws people in.
Aiden is compassionate, intelligent, and fiercely determined. They have a deep sense of justice and empathy, driven by their own experiences of being an outcast in the binary-dominated worlds. Aiden's origin is shrouded in mystery. They were discovered by a group of rebels who rejected the rigid gender norms of their respective dimensions and embraced diversity. Raised as an outcast within the rebel community, Aiden's uniqueness became both a source of strength and isolation.

Ancient Beigns

Together, Astra, Orion, and Lyra form a trinity of cosmic beings who have been observing the parallel dimensions for eons. Their intention in guiding Aiden is to help humanity transcend the limiting concept of gender duality and foster a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings.


Astra is the eldest and wisest of the genderless beings. Their presence is majestic and wise, exuding a regal air. Their attire reflects their ancient lineage, reminding others of the timeless wisdom they carry. Astra’s existence predates the formation of the parallel dimensions, and they have witnessed the ebb and flow of civilizations across countless universes. They embody the concept of balance, serving as the guide for Aiden throughout their journey. They emanate a sense of ancient wisdom, and their advice often comes in cryptic but profound riddles.


Orion's presence is mesmerizing and elusive, captivating others with their illusions. Their attire reflects their playful and mysterious nature. Orion is the embodiment of creativity and change. They are playful, inquisitive, and ever-evolving, representing the continuous fluidity of gender expression. Orion serves as Aiden's confidant, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and to approach challenges with creativity and open-mindedness. They often appear as a shimmering, ever-changing form of light, reflecting the boundless possibilities of identity.


Lyra's presence is gentle and empathetic, emanating a calming aura. Their attire reflects their role as a guardian of nature and the emotional support they provide. Lyra embodies the concept of unity and interconnectedness. They are compassionate and empathetic, always seeking to understand the diverse experiences of beings across the dimensions. Lyra serves as the mediator between Aiden and the two worlds, offering insights into the struggles faced by individuals on both sides. Their presence brings comfort and hope to those who have felt isolated or misunderstood.


The Celestial Garden

The Energy Nexus

The Illusionary Ballroom

The Mirror Labyrinth